About Me

Peeter Parkker’s life changed when a radioactive turntable bit him. Suddenly imbued with super-musical abilities he decided to use his newfound powers to fight the tyranny of Evil Music everywhere as DJ/Bboy thunder.

He began his fight by founding the group Brothas Abstrakt. Using Hip Hop, R & B, and Reggae as their weapons; they participated in outreach programs for kids and teens. Thunder then helped introduce Hip Hop into New England’s dance studio world by having Maine’s first weekly, structured dance classes. As his powers grew, his choreography began winning competitions in Maine, New Jersey, Boston and New York City alongside other musical heroes such as Wade Robson, Luam Keflezgy, Bev Brown, Leslie Feliciano, Brian Green, Jazzy Jay, Quickstep, Rocafella, Doug Elkins, Sasha Soreff and Michelle Asaf. Expanding his abilities he began Djing at nightclubs all over New England with lengthy residencies in which he opened for names like Dj Skribbles, Badboy Bill, Richard Humpty Vission, Frankie Bones, Dj Icey, Uberzone, the Bassbin Twins and Venom.

Next, Thunder joined the band Miravie who played an interesting amalgamation of rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk and Ska, playing with Eminem, MXPX and Good Charlotte. They also released a CD that Thunder produced 2 tracks for. He also helped create the first Hip Hop mix radio show to air on mainstream radio in the state of Maine: 5 O’clock mixdown 95.9 WRED.

Thunder has played and/or taught all over southern Maine and several other states. Making his name synonymous with Hip Hop and dance in New England, he is working hard to bring an end to Evil Music, and Rock the East Coast hard.

His moto: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right”